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MBR Progress Report

mbrThis is what I started with Friday morning. After some effort on Friday and Sunday, it looks a little different; I managed to give almost the entire space two full coats of Behr’s Ultra Pure White flat ceiling paint over the weekend. Painting the ceiling a flat white paint is not as fun or as thrilling as slapping teal paint on the walls but is rewarding nonetheless, particularly when paint splatters down into your eye and is easily taken care of by removing your contact lens. I know, I should be wearing safety glasses or something, but the paint fumes were awfully strong so I opened the windows and sliding glass door and the humidity and sweat on my head turned any glasses on my face into a San Francisco-worthy fog bank. Anyway, the whole space feels brighter and even a bit larger. There’s still a bit to finish: the ceiling in the closet, in the enclosed portion of the bathroom, and the part over the vanity. There’s a bit of drywall tape and a few holes that need patching up, once I get those taken care of I can finally finish the ceiling paint.

It is slow progress but it is progress nonetheless. I’m reminded, every time I pick up the scraper or the paint roller, that I am woefully out of shape and should have better endurance than I do. I’m going to get on that one of these days, right after I find a cure for my laziness.

Saturday was devoted to finishing up The Silkworm, and next weekend we’ll be out of state for the husband’s family reunion, but I’m hoping to get the ceiling painting finished up this week in the evenings after work and maybe get a start on slapping some drywall mud on the walls where needed. I’d like to think I’ll finally be painting the walls during the weekend of July 19th, but since that was meant to be happening this past weekend, we’ll see what actually happens!


Somewhat-but-not-entirely related, I find this entire project incredibly inspiring. Not because that’s what I want my kitchen to look like, but because she’s doing it pretty much all by herself and is almost to the finish line. I can’t wait to see how it looks when she’s done; what a badass!