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Master Bedroom Progress

Now that 2015 has – hopefully – slightly less gloom and doom on the table, let’s get back to business. Here’s a peek at what’s been happening in my bedroom:

Master BedroomThis was right before Christmas and ended up being my present. As mentioned at the bottom of this post, my husband intended to have all of the sheetrock completely replaced and to start from scratch. After getting a few quotes and speaking to the pros, he was convinced to leave the current walls in place. The pro we hired – the significant other of a co-worker – skim coated portions of the walls and fixed all the lumps, bumps, holes, crumbly corners, and bad patch jobs by the previous owners, as well as priming and painting the walls and touching up the ceiling for me. After I removed the popcorn ceiling, my paint job was a bit globby and stripey in a couple of areas, but I thought overall I didn’t do too bad for my first ever DIY project beyond wallpaper removal.

I wasn’t in the house when our pro started painting on the second day, but I was SO HAPPY to come home and come around the corner and see this paint color drying on the walls. It’s Ocean Air by Benjamin Moore and I was a bit nervous about it because so far, my paint choices for other rooms in the house have been pretty, um, BOLD, and will end up being painted over with something less in-your-face. I hoped this color wasn’t too pale but it’s just right. Between this color and the smooth, white ceiling, I’ve achieved the lighter, brighter, prettier feel I was going for. Buh-bye, dull and dark sage green!

Since this pic was taken, we’ve been doing a lot of dusting, vacuuming, wiping things down with a wet rag, more vacuuming, again with the vacuum, and finally, this past Sunday, I was able to run a steam cleaner over the carpet. Blech. I gave the whole room one pass and an additional two passes over the toughest spots, which are where my dirt-loving dog prefers to lay when he’s in the room. Didn’t get the spots completely out but for a 20-30 year old carpet it’s not too bad, and eventually we’ll be replacing it with hardwood, so it’s good enough for now.

Just a couple of things left to do to get the “Phase 1” finished on this room. Clean the light fixture and ceiling fan and get them reinstalled, as well as swapping out the almond colored outlets and light switches for white ones. New curtains with maybe something like this on the wall with the sliding door, and when we move back in I’d like to try a new furniture arrangement. I don’t think my husband will like it but maybe he’ll be so happy to be back to living like a grown up instead of a college kid he won’t grumble too much.

Undecided as to what I will eventually do with the trim/doors (apart from replacing the hollow core with solid wood doors) so I’m going to leave it alone for now. I think a wood finish would be interesting, and pretty in a lighter color, but white is easy and pretty much no-fail. That’s a project for another time.