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I can’t believe it’s going to be MAY at the end of this week, what the hell? Isn’t it supposed to still be February?

On the bright side, AVENGERS!

On the other bright side, my bedroom is almost done. It’s coming down to the last three things: lamps, light switches, and linens. And, okay, a few spray painting projects. But we finally moved back into our bedroom over a week ago, in spite of still not having curtains up. New curtains and hardware have just arrived, so we need to hang those, then get over our nerves and DIY those lamps, THEN poke my husband into getting light switches since he’s not satisfied with anything I’ve brought home, and I’m planning to get new sheets, a blanket, and a quilt for our bed.

On the other other bright side, my birthday was the 18th. It was a milestone birthday but I’m not sure I’m feeling any different than I did after my birthday last year, except for the two weeks of unexplained – or non-examined – pure crabbiness surrounding my birthday. I started a Glee marathon and bawled my eyes out several times; not sure but I think it might have helped me get over being Midlife Crisis Years Old. Also, there were pretty flowers involved:

Birthday #flowers and my orchid. I’m almost sorry for hogging all of the #pretty. Almost.

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On the not so bright side, OMG ALLERGIES. All I want to do is sleep, thank you sinus pressure and drowsiness-causing non-drowsy allergy meds. Outside, yellow pollen is everywhere, along with all kinds of big clumps of dusty and dead stuff from the trees. It’s not really a good time to get my aforementioned spray painting projects back outside so I can get them finished up, oy vey.

But, because I like to end things on a positive note, back to the bright side. AVENGERS!

Progress, I Swear

We are slowly but surely getting our bedroom back in order. This past weekend we finished – without breaking any light bulbs this time – installing our closet light fixture, continued the meticulous task of revamping my bathroom sink light fixture with spray paint, and continued cleaning. We wiped down the doors, the baseboards, the windows, the crack in the door jambs where the hinges are, wiped down the walls and shelves in the closet, and vacuumed (again.) We took Sunday off to get out and have an adventure; we took a drive to browse an antique store/flea market that we haven’t been to before in a town we nearly never visit. My husband found something to bring home, but I didn’t grab anything this time – doesn’t seem fair since the trip was my idea! After we got home on Sunday evening, we started moving some of our things out of the living room back into our room.  And…this is where we stall. The problem is the furniture arrangement in the room; there is no ideal layout that works for both of us right now.


I’ve been toying with the idea of the layout above. If I go this route with the layout, I intend to cover that entire wall with curtains, thank you amazing 1980’s asymmetry. My dresser would go on the wall directly opposite the glass door and headboard, and my husband’s dresser would need to go into our closet. My husband’s objection to this arrangement is to blocking the door: the light and access to the back porch. I’m not concerned about blocking access to the porch because we access it most often via the door in the kitchen anyway, and there’s still plenty of light coming through. We should be able to get to the door well enough to open it to let a breeze come through, as well. With this arrangement, I can create some symmetry in the room by hiding the off center window/door behind the curtains. I like the idea of the coziness that a wall of curtains might invoke with this arrangement, and I’d prefer to do the shorter wall in curtains than the longer one.

If you take the furniture arrangement above and rotate it to the right by 90 degrees, you see how our furniture was arranged from the time we moved in until we pulled everything out of the room last year. I’m not crazy about that arrangement because that way the right side of the bed lines up with the edge of the window, and the night stand covers the bottom half of the window completely. I also have my aforementioned newly framed art to hang, and the only place I’m thinking of hanging it is on that wall just to the left of the window. If I center it above the headboard, it’s not centered on the wall, and if I center it on the wall, it’s not centered over the headboard, which would make me crazy. Again, with that arrangement, my dresser would be on the same wall as noted above, across from the sliding glass door. My husband’s dresser would go on the wall that the footboard is leaning up against in the photo above. The only other place I can think of to hang the art is above my dresser, which means I’d wouldn’t mount my mirror and would need to find somewhere else to put it. That’s not a hardship, I guess I’d just rather lose the use of the door than reconsider where to hang the art.

Beyond the cleaning and the back-and-forth about the furniture arrangement, we’re also fixing one of the supports on one of the side rails on our bed, and I’m working up the nerve to get a drill bit and make lamps:

I need a drill bit. #diy #lamps

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And…that’s where we are right now. Since we’ve moved some stuff out of the living room back into the bedroom, I am reminded how good it feels to declutter and find space again. Organizing is the next project! (One at a time, Michelle, one at a time…)


I woke up yesterday morning to blue skies, sunshine, birds chirping, and crocus in bloom. Spring is trying to happen here and it’s brought with it a renewed sense of urgency to accomplish something in my house. I hopped out of bed, got dressed immediately, and went right to it. We finished replacing the electrical outlets and the landline phone jack and cleaned and reinstalled the ceiling fan. I partially installed the light fixture in the closet and smashed a four foot long fluorescent bulb into 47 billion pieces in the process, which my husband was kind enough to clean up for me. We are having some issues replacing the light switches, though…thanks, weird 1980’s wiring! I also have a small revamp in progress for the light fixture that goes over our bathroom sink, which sits out in the bedroom. You can kind of see that setup here:

1736916466_4780cfe470_zThis photo was taken from the bedroom when we first went to see the house. The door to the right goes to the toilet, linen closet, and tub/shower. The light fixture I’m revamping is the one above the mirror over the sink. It has a semi-glossy nickel finish with white shades that have a marbleized frosty white finish to them, and the opening of the shades point up. I’ve discovered that I’m not a fan of that orientation because dust really builds up and bugs get in there and fry. I’m painting the fixture black, swapping out the shades, and – assuming all goes well – I’ll be pointing the opening of the shades down to the sink. No more insect cemetery.

(Also, the paint wasn’t really that bluish-green color, it was definitely more of a drab, sage green.)

I think things might finally be coming together with this re-do. When I found the potential lamp bases at Hobby Lobby last week, I also found some bedding at TJ Maxx that grabbed my attention. I didn’t pick it up at the time but came home and Googled to see if I could find anything similar. I didn’t see anything at a reasonable price, so I went back a few days later and brought it home. The next thing I’m looking for is a blanket for the bed in some shade of purple to bring in a color that’s not blue; I’m also looking to bring in some green as well.

I have two main points of inspiration for this room. I have a print of this painting by Monet:

Seine%20near%20Giverny%20-%20RISDI’ve had it about 15 years or so and it was in a crappy plastic silver frame and the acrylic had cracked in one corner, so I took it to have it turned into grown up art: new frame, new mat, new glass. Right after I brought it home I was struck by this image in a Wisteria catalog:

W9582_2And I knew then the direction in which I would take my bedroom. I pinned a few white, blue, and purple bedrooms after that, and now that I’m back on track I’m anxious to get it finished up! I’ve only got a million other things to work on in this house and I want to be working on all of them right now. That sound you hear is the drone of all the ideas flitting around in my skull like a swarm of bees.

And Then I Shoved My Paint Roller Into His Ear

Slow progress on my bedroom redo, no one to blame but my personal Demon of Laziness. I blame boredom as well. I have all kinds of ideas and am all gung-ho when I first set out to do something, but I lack patience sometimes so when progress isn’t made with a quickness I get bored easily. I do realize that procrastination by way of dedicating one and a half weekends to remodeling the houses in my Sims game instead of my own bedroom was not necessarily helpful, but I did a nice job on all of them. Maybe I should post pics of THOSE up instead of my own real life house, ha.

This past weekend I slept in really late on Saturday for no apparent reason. I didn’t haul myself out of bed until after noon and it seems when I got dressed for the day I put my grump on as well, so more Sims playing for me. Sunday I resolved to do something in my room and was out of bed and dressed by 8:30. I did some more spackling and sanding on the ceiling above my bathroom sink, and painted the ceiling in my master closet. I also touched up the paint along the edge of the entire ceiling in the bedroom and closet. That didn’t take me long; I think I put in a solid three hours of work before I stopped for lunch and marathoned Supernatural for the rest of the day, but every little bit counts! I may need another coat of paint in the closet but that won’t take long, either; I’ll do that the same time I sand down the spackled bits over the bathroom sink, that way I can finally get the ceiling painting DONE in those two places. I am aiming to accomplish these tasks before I go to bed on Wednesday evening but so far I’m REALLY not good at doing any DIY tasks on weeknights, after work. The sooner I finish them, though, the sooner I can move on to skim coating the walls.

As I was on the ladder touching up the edge of the ceiling, my husband poked his head into the room, took a look around and asked “Did you paint the ceiling?”


*Blink blink.*

Did I paint the ceiling? Did he really just ask me that? Does he not read my blog? Does he not live here? Does he not realize the difference between glitter speckled popcorn ceiling texture and flat white paint?