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Weekend Warrior: Master Bedroom Edition

bedroom before
The war against the popcorn ceiling continues.

Friday night we moved all of our stuff out of the bedroom and closet, much to our dog’s concern and the cats’ delight. When the bedroom was empty our youngest cat, Lucky, took great pleasure in running crazy, bouncy laps around the empty space with her tail poofed out and arched high behind her. Almost everything from our bedroom is sitting in our living room, which also thrills the cats. “HELL YEAH, NEW PLAYGROUND! GOOD JOB, HUMANS.” There are things I don’t want them getting into and I loathe when they sit on my dresser, but it can’t be helped, so I’m just “…eh, don’t knock my perfumes over.”

Saturday I spread the plastic sheets out on the floor, set up the ladder, gathered up my various scrapers, and got to work. I immediately noticed a difference between this ceiling and the popcorn I removed from the bathroom ceiling. I’m not quite sure what the difference is, it could be any of these or all of them: 1, that they are two different types of popcorn, 2, that the popcorn in the bathroom might have been painted, as it was difference in appearance from the popcorn in the bedroom, or 3, that the popcorn in the bathroom had been loosened over time by the steam from the many showers taken in that room. The popcorn ceiling in the bathroom was easier to remove than the popcorn in the bedroom, I’d never had to spray the bathroom popcorn with water. I had a couple of empty cleaning style spray bottles that I hadn’t used for anything yet, so I filled them up with water, sprayed the ceiling, and that did the trick. Everything was easy after that, although I had a little accident when I let the cold, wet popcorn fall onto the hot light bulbs in the light fixture over the bathroom vanity (which is not actually IN the bathroom) and broke three of the bulbs. Oops. I took several breaks to refill my water bottles and rehydrate myself, but I was still done in less than five hours. If I hadn’t stopped for dinner I might have gotten the closet ceiling scraped as well, but once I’d been sitting for a little while I couldn’t convince myself to climb back up the ladder again.

Sunday morning I got into the master closet, removed the light fixture from the ceiling and instead set up a lamp in the closet doorway that I could move out of the way as needed. I spread out more plastic sheets on the floor in there, as well as on the top shelves, and got to spraying and scraping. I was done with the closet fairly quickly but was definitely starting to feel the effects of being on a ladder for so much time over the weekend, reaching above me, tilting my head back this way and that. I had planned to start sanding the ceiling to remove any remaining dust but I didn’t think I’d get very far, so instead I went back to the bathroom vanity area and removed the three light bulbs I broke on Saturday. I ended up removing the light fixture entirely and fired up my steamer so I could get the last few scraps of wallpaper off the wall that I hadn’t removed before because of the light fixture being there. I continued removing other small scraps of wallpaper that had been left behind on an adjacent wall, as well. That wall will need to be patched up with some drywall mud along with the rest of the bathroom, but it’s one more thing knocked off the list, so hurray!

I didn’t put in as many hours on Sunday as I did on Saturday, but my hands were really starting to suffer – cuts, bruises, swelling, and pain in my left forearm for no apparent reason. I took a shower and by the time I was done my feet were hurting so bad I could barely walk, but damn, I feel accomplished. Still much to do, and I’m mentally formulating a plan for reworking my master closet – not yet, Michelle, one project at a time! – but I think by 4th of July weekend we’ll be ready to paint the┬áceiling and walls and shampoo the carpet, that’s the bit I’m most excited for.