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I can’t believe it’s going to be MAY at the end of this week, what the hell? Isn’t it supposed to still be February?

On the bright side, AVENGERS!

On the other bright side, my bedroom is almost done. It’s coming down to the last three things: lamps, light switches, and linens. And, okay, a few spray painting projects. But we finally moved back into our bedroom over a week ago, in spite of still not having curtains up. New curtains and hardware have just arrived, so we need to hang those, then get over our nerves and DIY those lamps, THEN poke my husband into getting light switches since he’s not satisfied with anything I’ve brought home, and I’m planning to get new sheets, a blanket, and a quilt for our bed.

On the other other bright side, my birthday was the 18th. It was a milestone birthday but I’m not sure I’m feeling any different than I did after my birthday last year, except for the two weeks of unexplained – or non-examined – pure crabbiness surrounding my birthday. I started a Glee marathon and bawled my eyes out several times; not sure but I think it might have helped me get over being Midlife Crisis Years Old. Also, there were pretty flowers involved:

Birthday #flowers and my orchid. I’m almost sorry for hogging all of the #pretty. Almost.

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On the not so bright side, OMG ALLERGIES. All I want to do is sleep, thank you sinus pressure and drowsiness-causing non-drowsy allergy meds. Outside, yellow pollen is everywhere, along with all kinds of big clumps of dusty and dead stuff from the trees. It’s not really a good time to get my aforementioned spray painting projects back outside so I can get them finished up, oy vey.

But, because I like to end things on a positive note, back to the bright side. AVENGERS!