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There’s A Reason For Everything

Back when I first started working on our master bedroom, my husband was worried I’d lose steam or get sidetracked and we’d unnecessarily spend three months camped out on our mattress in one of our downstairs bedrooms instead of being more comfortably ensconced in our own room. I don’t know what he was so worried about; we’ve only been camped out downstairs for FIVE months now.

But he was right that I’d get sidetracked or lose steam, and in fact both things happened. In July my brain went all “Yay, making the bedroom pretty, yay, making the bedroom pretty, yay, making the…OOOH, SHINY.” Kind of. I was all of a sudden OBSESSED with determining the paint color for the rest of the upstairs, but decided I couldn’t figure THAT out until I’d found the perfect backsplash tile for my kitchen. Bedroom be damned; I could NOT focus on that AT ALL until I had that backsplash situation figured out. Luckily it took me far less time to find a tile than I thought it would; only two sample orders of tile and I’ve found something I love.

I was surfing Pinterest and came across this image of The Project Girl’s kitchen backsplash:


So pretty! I ordered a sample of that one – Borage Crackle from Status Ceramics – plus a few other samples, and while all of the samples were lovely, none of them were as pretty in my kitchen as they were in The Project Girls’. Not long after that small disappointment I was flipping through the Fall 2014 issue of Kitchen + Bath Ideas Magazine and was instantly hooked by this:

artistic-sanctuary-4(The magazine has more photos of the kitchen and a better view of the tile.) Long story short, I did my research and found the tile was made by Wizard Enterprise, which does not seem to sell samples online, and the nearest tile showroom was a two hour drive away, in Missouri. Road trip! I bought several samples – some of which look absolutely NOTHING like the catalog images – but they do have a fantastic selection of blue, green, and aqua ceramic tile. I’m pretty happy with the Tranquility tile (which I am fairly certain is not the tile shown in the photo but I think it will work for me), and keep the sample of it propped up in my kitchen all the time.

So, Mission: Backsplash Tile accomplished, have I figured out what the main paint color upstairs is going to be? Meh. I have three paint swatches on the wall, any of which will probably work. And…that’s that. I was happy enough after finding the tile to get back to work on my bedroom, except that I didn’t. I’ve been puttering here and there, and cleaned up most of the popcorn debris and plastic sheets from the floor, but haven’t really made any progress, so my husband’s threatening to move back into the bedroom just the way it is, which is not a good idea because when I get that wild hair up my butt to carry on with the home improvement in there you’re just going to be in my way, dude, please do not get in my way. I did drag myself back into the bedroom, did a little more puttering and cleaning and refreshed my memory about how to skim coat the walls, went out and bought the supplies I needed, and THEN my husband says “We really need to replace all the sheetrock in that room.”


*Blink blink*

Oh, really? Ya couldn’t have mentioned that back in July? You were going to let me waste all that time and money skim coating, sanding, and painting walls you intended to replace? We could’ve moved back into our bedroom by now, you know!

The handyman’s coming by to give an estimate on Monday morning.

And Then I Shoved My Paint Roller Into His Ear

Slow progress on my bedroom redo, no one to blame but my personal Demon of Laziness. I blame boredom as well. I have all kinds of ideas and am all gung-ho when I first set out to do something, but I lack patience sometimes so when progress isn’t made with a quickness I get bored easily. I do realize that procrastination by way of dedicating one and a half weekends to remodeling the houses in my Sims game instead of my own bedroom was not necessarily helpful, but I did a nice job on all of them. Maybe I should post pics of THOSE up instead of my own real life house, ha.

This past weekend I slept in really late on Saturday for no apparent reason. I didn’t haul myself out of bed until after noon and it seems when I got dressed for the day I put my grump on as well, so more Sims playing for me. Sunday I resolved to do something in my room and was out of bed and dressed by 8:30. I did some more spackling and sanding on the ceiling above my bathroom sink, and painted the ceiling in my master closet. I also touched up the paint along the edge of the entire ceiling in the bedroom and closet. That didn’t take me long; I think I put in a solid three hours of work before I stopped for lunch and marathoned Supernatural for the rest of the day, but every little bit counts! I may need another coat of paint in the closet but that won’t take long, either; I’ll do that the same time I sand down the spackled bits over the bathroom sink, that way I can finally get the ceiling painting DONE in those two places. I am aiming to accomplish these tasks before I go to bed on Wednesday evening but so far I’m REALLY not good at doing any DIY tasks on weeknights, after work. The sooner I finish them, though, the sooner I can move on to skim coating the walls.

As I was on the ladder touching up the edge of the ceiling, my husband poked his head into the room, took a look around and asked “Did you paint the ceiling?”


*Blink blink.*

Did I paint the ceiling? Did he really just ask me that? Does he not read my blog? Does he not live here? Does he not realize the difference between glitter speckled popcorn ceiling texture and flat white paint?