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The number one cause of all the stops and starts on any project is when I get a random, fleeting idea for a different project somewhere else in my house. Chances are, that little wisp of a thought will become a full blown obsession, and I cannot get back to what I’m doing until I have PINNED. ALL. THE. THINGS I can find relating to that idea.

For example, I’ve been idly considering ideas for what I might do with my entryway and stairs when the time comes. How do I let more light in? Pros and cons of knocking out this closet and using this other closet over here for coats? What if I square off this curve? I like this light fixture, need to find a way to incorporate that into the eventual redo. Carpet must go, we’ll do hardwood. Hardwood floor in the entryway, which way do I lay the planks, perpendicular or parallel to the door? Neither seems as though it would look right, what do I do, what do I do, what do I DO? WHAT ABOUT HERRINGBONE?!?! Wait, I don’t really like pattern, why am I all of a sudden obsessed with herringbone for a piece of my floor? But it could look good, maybe I should really consider herringbone? Something subtle, not too dark, not glossy, with a border around the edge, like this: herringbone-floor-border02 And then I get all distracted by Pinterest and Google image searches for herringbone wood floors and then I’ve suddenly gone a week without touching anything in my bedroom. Not to mention mental Spring cleaning – by which I mean that I am mentally, not actually, Spring cleaning my house at this time, which is SUPER helpful and productive, I know – and deciding how to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

My coworkers like to call it Attention Deficit OOH SHINY! Syndrome. Which, basically? Yeah.

It’s amazing that I’ve actually managed to search out and buy the last few things I need to complete those DIY lamps I’m attempting for my bedroom – the drill bit and some cork.