About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle, a semi-ginger, half-Scottish Aries. I was born for two reasons – 1, so when the word “stubborn” was added to the dictionary there would finally be an accurate definition, and 2, to author How To Throw A Proper Temper Tantrum For Dummies. I haven’t gotten past the first chapter of that yet.

The name “Kooby” evolved from my efforts to make a kind of acronym of “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.” I dropped a “b” somewhere but I loved “Kooby” as it was, and it was available, so it stuck. There’s a lot of negativity out there in the world; I wanted a place where I could do my part to try to counteract it in my own way. I’ve been blogging all over the place since 2003, but this just might be home, finally.


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