Well, January 2015 decided to have the last word. On the 29th, I fell off the steps at work as I was leaving for the day and hurt myself bad enough to have a trained medical professional check it out. Much swelling ensued, as did an uncomfortable boot, but the good news is after almost two weeks I seem to be on the mend, finally, as I can hobble short distances around the house with no boot and no crutches. I don’t put the weight on my entire foot, as my heel still has some complaints when I put any weight down on it, but we’re getting there.

It has, unfortunately, put the kibosh on any further attempts to finish those last few tasks needed to get us moved back into the master bedroom. My husband’s been too busy waiting on me hand and sore foot to get in there and knock them out himself. There’s a bit more cleaning to do, still some outlets and light switches to swap out, and reinstalling the ceiling fan and light fixtures, as well as the curtain situation. The money for new curtains is not available at the moment, and we don’t have our old ones anymore since I packed them up and sent them to Goodwill after we moved everything out of the room. Oops. I priced out some fabric, thinking maybe it would be less expensive to make them, but the fabric I chose, coupled with the liner and all the yardage I’d need, comes out about the same to a few things I’ve found at JCPenney that will do the trick, so…guess I’ll just wait until I can go shopping.

It’s been one thing after another here, and here’s hoping I don’t jinx anything but…maybe things are finally starting to look up. (Shhh.)