“Let me tell you somethin’ about my fam-i-ly…”

fairypreviewEvery month at work we have a potluck with a different theme. Sometimes it’s related to whatever is going on in the month, sometimes it has nothing to do with anything except whatever sounds fun. We started having the potlucks in October last year; Halloween was nice enough to land on a Friday, and that was a fun day. I’d dressed up as a fairy in a costume I’d been pulling together for years (a very small preview of which is shown in the photo…my poor, dusty hat) but had never had an opportunity to wear. My GOD do I love playing dress up! I fully embrace my inner five year old. Since then, we’ve usually added a costume or color theme to our potlucks every month. The last costume themed potluck was for June, “Hurray for Hollywood!” Dress up as a movie character and bring a dish inspired by that movie. I took meat pies and was going to dress up as Sweeney Todd‘s Mrs. Lovett; alas, I couldn’t get my costume together in time so had to dress in normal clothes. 🙁 Maybe for Halloween this year? Other ideas I had were dressing up as Batman‘s Poison Ivy (conservatively, this is a corporate environment, after all) and bringing a salad, or to dress as Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods and bring something pink, like cupcakes. It was a great theme but maybe a bit too much work, because we didn’t have a lot of participation in that one.

July’s potluck is a bit simpler – Red, White, and Blue BBQ themed potluck, interpreted as one wishes. Bring red, white, and blue food, or bring something you’d take to a barbeque. I can usually be counted on to bring some kind of meat in some kind of sauce in my crockpot, I think this month will be the same. Today, a coworker let me know that she’d already thought of a potluck theme for August – Italian Mafia. Bring Italian food and dress up like a mobster! Mmmmm, meatballs. I’m getting an early start on this, I already have my outfit, hair, and makeup planned out, I just need to start pulling it all together so I’m ready in time. This potluck will be just the excuse I needed to finally get myself a fedora, and I’m even working on an accent! How accurate would it be to imitate Caroline from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, do ya think?