So here’s what I’ve been working on

This is a photo of the tub, toilet, and linen closet area of our master bathroom, taken during our first walk through of this house before we bought it. What I’ve finally been working on the past few weekends is removing the wallpaper and popcorn ceiling and prepping the walls and ceiling for paint. This has been a huge chore for such a small space for a few reasons, the first of which is that I think they pasted the wallpaper to the walls with Super Glue. It took me two and a half weekends to remove all of the wallpaper. I scored the wallpaper and sprayed with DIF but that just wasn’t working out at all, so I brought out my steamer and put in a mixture of water and vinegar, which eventually did the trick. Between the vinegar and the smell of the wallpaper paste it was really stinky, but I am so glad to have that wallpaper down. I detest wallpaper, I vote to outlaw it.

The second reason this has been a huge chore is that when I decided I was ready to remove the popcorn ceiling, I WAS READY TO REMOVE THE POPCORN CEILING. Meaning I was too impatient to take 20 minutes away from the project to drive my happy butt to the store to pick up a face mask to prevent me from inhaling the dust from the texture as I scraped it off. Bonus points for inhaling the dust from a popcorn ceiling removal at the height of allergy season. Wheezing is fun. When it came time to sand down the ceiling and walls prior to prepping them with drywall mud, best believe I had more than one face mask at the ready! And safety glasses!

So what’s next?
1 – Replacing some drywall tape that was torn as I scraped off the popcorn. Also applying drywall tape to the very top edge of the drywall in the skylight, up next to the window itself, to stop the peeling edges and smooth them out.
2 – Applying drywall mud to the walls and ceiling and sanding that down smooth.
3 – Prime and paint. Flat white paint for the ceiling, a pale blue for the walls (still working on which color this will be), cabinet painted white inside and out.

I’m planning on completing the drywall tape and mud portion of the list this coming weekend. We’ll see what actually happens.