Warm & Fuzzy


I can’t believe it’s going to be MAY at the end of this week, what the hell? Isn’t it supposed to still be February?

On the bright side, AVENGERS!

On the other bright side, my bedroom is almost done. It’s coming down to the last three things: lamps, light switches, and linens. And, okay, a few spray painting projects. But we finally moved back into our bedroom over a week ago, in spite of still not having curtains up. New curtains and hardware have just arrived, so we need to hang those, then get over our nerves and DIY those lamps, THEN poke my husband into getting light switches since he’s not satisfied with anything I’ve brought home, and I’m planning to get new sheets, a blanket, and a quilt for our bed.

On the other other bright side, my birthday was the 18th. It was a milestone birthday but I’m not sure I’m feeling any different than I did after my birthday last year, except for the two weeks of unexplained – or non-examined – pure crabbiness surrounding my birthday. I started a Glee marathon and bawled my eyes out several times; not sure but I think it might have helped me get over being Midlife Crisis Years Old. Also, there were pretty flowers involved:

Birthday #flowers and my orchid. I’m almost sorry for hogging all of the #pretty. Almost.

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On the not so bright side, OMG ALLERGIES. All I want to do is sleep, thank you sinus pressure and drowsiness-causing non-drowsy allergy meds. Outside, yellow pollen is everywhere, along with all kinds of big clumps of dusty and dead stuff from the trees. It’s not really a good time to get my aforementioned spray painting projects back outside so I can get them finished up, oy vey.

But, because I like to end things on a positive note, back to the bright side. AVENGERS!


I have no idea what my face is even doing right now. This morning when I woke up my left lower eyelid was sore. I eschewed my contact lenses and wore my glasses today; I’m glad I did, because I’m starting to look like I’ve been punched in the face. For the record, I have NOT been punched in the face. So that’s fun. Maybe the swelling and the red and purple are just there to accessorize the massive cold sore on the top left corner of my lip and coordinate with my still-gimpy left ankle. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and my left ear will fall off. Regardless, today has not been all mysterious medical gloom and doom.

I’ve been discouraged that the kind of lamps I really want for my bedroom re-do would cost anywhere from $250 – $400 for a pair, even if I DIY them from the (expensive) vintage demijohn bottles I love but don’t yet own. I’ve been pinning bottle lamps forever but because they’re trendy now, they’re financially out of my reach. I’ve been browsing for more inspiration and thought I should get out there to see what I could find offline. After work I hit the shops, came across these two vases, and thought they would be really interesting as lamps:

Put a bird on it.

I gave serious consideration to using the ones on the far left as my bases, but ultimately decided they were too tall and not quite colorful enough.







Eventually I ended up browsing vases at Hobby Lobby and walked out of the store with a matched pair of navy blue bottle style vases, with a very similar shape to these lamp bases at Pottery Barn: pblamp

The vases are more opaque then the PB lamps and I’m hoping they’re not too dark for what I have in mind, and that they’ll also be tall enough. I think they’ll be okay but will need to wait for the lamp adapter kits I’ve ordered online to arrive to put everything together.

Good things about today: Getting up to the register at Hobby Lobby expecting to pay $80+ and only being charged $43. I know they always have something on sale but I don’t pay much attention; when I’m determined to get something, and I know I may not see it again later, and the price isn’t completely unreasonable, I just go ahead and get it, but paying half price for anything is always a welcome surprise. Also walked out of the store at the same time as a very nice man and his daughters. If I’d been thinking about it I would have put the vases in a cart to get them out to my truck, but I didn’t, so the man graciously held the store’s door for me, and as I was about to put the vases down on the ground so I could open my truck door, he came over to help me get my truck’s door open so I could just put the vases inside. There are a lot of ways that could have gone sideways; maybe I felt safer because he was with his young daughters. Never let it be said I am not impressed by the little things, y’all.