Small Victories

In spite of my best attempts, I am not always able to be positive and remember that the world has a lot of beauty and good things to offer. 2015, so far, has in fact been an absolute shit show and I demand a reboot. I’m not going to get it but sometimes it helps just to voice the sentiment. Last night was tough and I feel like the universe realized we needed a little bit of a break in our household, so my son scored a victory today in the form of a new job and we are celebrating with a pumpkin spice cake. Store bought, but he likes it, and that’s good enough for me. He also may be receiving some help with a personal crisis, fingers crossed because we need that more than anything. My husband has a few leads on career advancement, particularly about a job that he has wanted for quite some time, and a potential raise has been mentioned in my direction so…insert extremely cautious optimism on the family front <here>.