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Where Karen (Chookooloonks) Blogs

Where Jenny (The Bloggess) Blogs

Where Jenny (The Bloggess) Blogs

I am SO impatient to get my own little home office up and running, and then Karen goes and starts a tumblr where everyone can show off the environment in which they usually blog. I also envy the person who took a picture on a train in the UK, but I’m aiming for something a little more achievable.

I’ve been working on my own little room downstairs for what feels like forever, replacing carpet, painting, getting work done outside to stop leaks from heavy rains, getting repairs done to the walls from the aforementioned leaks, and as we were finally making progress, BAM, crazy summer storm and another leak, this time from the OTHER room that we hadn’t already spent several and many and more dollars on. *insert sigh and heavenward eyeroll here*

If my basement doesn’t stop flooding, I may be the first person to submit a photo of a laptop on a rowboat.