Catch Up

It happens every time. Just when I think I’m done blogging, I find myself logging back in and wanting to brain dump. So, here I am. It’s been a long time, and a lot’s going on. I miss the outlet.

My husband got a new job a few months ago. It’s an hour to an hour and a half drive away from where we live, so naturally, we’re (slowly) escalating the amount of work we’re doing to our house, because that kind of commute twice a day, every day, is just ridiculous. There have been sporadic internet real estate searches so we can start getting a feel for what’s out there, and now that I have a few favorites saved I’m impatient to be out of this house and move on to the next chapter. It’s slow going, though, because trying to accomplish any kind of home improvement as you’re paying down debt – while not accruing more debt – is a challenge. So we’re working on the free and/or cheaper projects for now. Popcorn ceiling removal (yep, still) is what we’ve been working on lately. I completed the popcorn removal in the master bedroom, closet, and bathroom in 2014, and in the past few weeks, we’ve removed popcorn in our upstairs hallway, our half bathroom, about two thirds of the kitchen, and most of our entryway. We’ve still got to finish up the kitchen, a bit over the stairs, probably the rest of our upstairs closets, our laundry room, and the living room. All of the downstairs has popcorn ceilings as well, but I’m seriously considering just installing white planks over top of it, because I am SO tired of the dust and mess. I hate to do that, though; it feels like a crime on the level of painting over wallpaper, or covering one wallpaper with a different wallpaper instead of removing it all and starting over AS ONE SHOULD. We’ll see how I feel once I get the upstairs done. Maybe we won’t touch the downstairs ceilings at all.

Anyway, so once we finish up the popcorn removal, we’ll be doing lots and lots of painting, ceilings first.

In the midst of the mess, my husband has suggested that we go back to eating paleo and improving our health. While I can’t disagree that we need to do that, I feel like going paleo before is kind of what killed any enjoyment of cooking that I had because there was SO. MUCH. COOKING. And the sink and dishwasher were ALWAYS. FULL. OF DISHES. But, he’s right, better off healthier; I might be more energetic, for starters. So we have been slowly easing back into clean eating. I am committed to going paleo, but also finding ways to make it easier so I’m not spending all of my time in the kitchen. I’ve picked up a few more paleo cookbooks – particularly the ones that promise “quick and easy” or “one pot,” and have well over a year’s worth of recipes saved on Pinterest, and I’ve started following more paleo blogs to help me find new things I can try, as well. With all of the mess from the popcorn removal, cooking has been a challenge, so we’re not 100% there yet, but we’re getting better.

2015 was just not my favorite year. January started off with a hell of a bang last year and it seems like we’ve spent this long recovering from it. I think that’s part of the reason I stopped blogging last year; so many stories but they weren’t all mine to tell, so we just focused on getting through it. Now we’re happier, the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train anymore, and it feels good. Seeing your family happy is about all you can ask for, sometimes.


The number one cause of all the stops and starts on any project is when I get a random, fleeting idea for a different project somewhere else in my house. Chances are, that little wisp of a thought will become a full blown obsession, and I cannot get back to what I’m doing until I have PINNED. ALL. THE. THINGS I can find relating to that idea.

For example, I’ve been idly considering ideas for what I might do with my entryway and stairs when the time comes. How do I let more light in? Pros and cons of knocking out this closet and using this other closet over here for coats? What if I square off this curve? I like this light fixture, need to find a way to incorporate that into the eventual redo. Carpet must go, we’ll do hardwood. Hardwood floor in the entryway, which way do I lay the planks, perpendicular or parallel to the door? Neither seems as though it would look right, what do I do, what do I do, what do I DO? WHAT ABOUT HERRINGBONE?!?! Wait, I don’t really like pattern, why am I all of a sudden obsessed with herringbone for a piece of my floor? But it could look good, maybe I should really consider herringbone? Something subtle, not too dark, not glossy, with a border around the edge, like this: herringbone-floor-border02 And then I get all distracted by Pinterest and Google image searches for herringbone wood floors and then I’ve suddenly gone a week without touching anything in my bedroom. Not to mention mental Spring cleaning – by which I mean that I am mentally, not actually, Spring cleaning my house at this time, which is SUPER helpful and productive, I know – and deciding how to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

My coworkers like to call it Attention Deficit OOH SHINY! Syndrome. Which, basically? Yeah.

It’s amazing that I’ve actually managed to search out and buy the last few things I need to complete those DIY lamps I’m attempting for my bedroom – the drill bit and some cork.


I have no idea what my face is even doing right now. This morning when I woke up my left lower eyelid was sore. I eschewed my contact lenses and wore my glasses today; I’m glad I did, because I’m starting to look like I’ve been punched in the face. For the record, I have NOT been punched in the face. So that’s fun. Maybe the swelling and the red and purple are just there to accessorize the massive cold sore on the top left corner of my lip and coordinate with my still-gimpy left ankle. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and my left ear will fall off. Regardless, today has not been all mysterious medical gloom and doom.

I’ve been discouraged that the kind of lamps I really want for my bedroom re-do would cost anywhere from $250 – $400 for a pair, even if I DIY them from the (expensive) vintage demijohn bottles I love but don’t yet own. I’ve been pinning bottle lamps forever but because they’re trendy now, they’re financially out of my reach. I’ve been browsing for more inspiration and thought I should get out there to see what I could find offline. After work I hit the shops, came across these two vases, and thought they would be really interesting as lamps:

Put a bird on it.

I gave serious consideration to using the ones on the far left as my bases, but ultimately decided they were too tall and not quite colorful enough.







Eventually I ended up browsing vases at Hobby Lobby and walked out of the store with a matched pair of navy blue bottle style vases, with a very similar shape to these lamp bases at Pottery Barn: pblamp

The vases are more opaque then the PB lamps and I’m hoping they’re not too dark for what I have in mind, and that they’ll also be tall enough. I think they’ll be okay but will need to wait for the lamp adapter kits I’ve ordered online to arrive to put everything together.

Good things about today: Getting up to the register at Hobby Lobby expecting to pay $80+ and only being charged $43. I know they always have something on sale but I don’t pay much attention; when I’m determined to get something, and I know I may not see it again later, and the price isn’t completely unreasonable, I just go ahead and get it, but paying half price for anything is always a welcome surprise. Also walked out of the store at the same time as a very nice man and his daughters. If I’d been thinking about it I would have put the vases in a cart to get them out to my truck, but I didn’t, so the man graciously held the store’s door for me, and as I was about to put the vases down on the ground so I could open my truck door, he came over to help me get my truck’s door open so I could just put the vases inside. There are a lot of ways that could have gone sideways; maybe I felt safer because he was with his young daughters. Never let it be said I am not impressed by the little things, y’all.


Well, January 2015 decided to have the last word. On the 29th, I fell off the steps at work as I was leaving for the day and hurt myself bad enough to have a trained medical professional check it out. Much swelling ensued, as did an uncomfortable boot, but the good news is after almost two weeks I seem to be on the mend, finally, as I can hobble short distances around the house with no boot and no crutches. I don’t put the weight on my entire foot, as my heel still has some complaints when I put any weight down on it, but we’re getting there.

It has, unfortunately, put the kibosh on any further attempts to finish those last few tasks needed to get us moved back into the master bedroom. My husband’s been too busy waiting on me hand and sore foot to get in there and knock them out himself. There’s a bit more cleaning to do, still some outlets and light switches to swap out, and reinstalling the ceiling fan and light fixtures, as well as the curtain situation. The money for new curtains is not available at the moment, and we don’t have our old ones anymore since I packed them up and sent them to Goodwill after we moved everything out of the room. Oops. I priced out some fabric, thinking maybe it would be less expensive to make them, but the fabric I chose, coupled with the liner and all the yardage I’d need, comes out about the same to a few things I’ve found at JCPenney that will do the trick, so…guess I’ll just wait until I can go shopping.

It’s been one thing after another here, and here’s hoping I don’t jinx anything but…maybe things are finally starting to look up. (Shhh.)

Memo To The Universe

Hey, you know what? I get it. I get that even though my basement flooded less than a year after we installed brand new carpet, and spent a few thousand dollars doing everything we could do to prevent leaks in the basement, it’s not that bad that my basement flooded. We’ll have to get new padding put down and get the carpet hammered down again, but we were able to save the carpet. So it’s not that bad.

I get that a dinged up bumper is not that bad. Everyone involved in the car accident that led to its damage walked away unharmed and my car was still functional, if a bit less pretty. I’m happy my son, who was driving, is safe. It’s not that bad.

I get that it’s not that bad that the raise I was promised at work is about a month and a half overdue to hit my paycheck. It *should* be coming this week. Hey, good thing I have a job in the first place, right? An overdue raise is not that bad.

I get that it’s not the worst thing in the world that we’re not going to New Orleans this month as I’ve been hoping for and had started planning a few months ago. So we couldn’t afford it. Well, more time to stay home and work on the house, right? It’s not that bad.

I get it. Someone’s watching over my family and me, keeping us safe, making sure we have food in our tummies, a roof over our heads, and the things we need, if not everything we want. I GET it. And I remind myself every day.


There comes a point, universe, when it’s time to back off. And that point would preferably come BEFORE a girl damn near pokes an actual, live, copperhead SNAKE with a stick to see if it’s actually real,  while in denial that it could actually be real because she’s fairly convinced that someone’s left a fake snake there to scare her and is hiding in the bushes with a video camera because WHY NOT?

No more mother f*ckin snakes on this mother f*ckin driveway!

No more mother f*ckin snakes on this mother f*ckin driveway!

Universe? I think it’s time you moved on. I hear members of Congress have plenty of time on their hands these days.